M.A.L.A. is a non-profit, voluntary and independent organisation offering educational and social opportunities for the over-50's in Perth, Mandurah (and the surrounding Peel region) and the Rockingham areas of Western Australia.

M.A.L.A. provides engaging programs on a wide tapestry of topics including aspects of history, literature, science, art, environmental issues, politics, culture, philosophy, languages, nature studies, religion, music, contemporary issues and more.  Lecturers are experts in their field and are chosen on the basis of their understanding of our learning requirements.  The many members represent a diverse spectrum of our community.

There are no examinations, no educational prerequisites, no set homework and no embarassing questions - just interesting and stimulating lectures.  You may enrol in any course that interests you, and no prior experience is needed nor expected.   Laughter and enjoyment are part and parcel of the deal!  

Occasionally dinners, tours and interesting outings may be organised for those who wish to participate.

Because M.A.L.A. is a totally non-profit organisation all course fees are kept as low as we possibly can.

Currently, for example, Perth membership is $10 per Semester (10 weeks) and a Perth course comprising 5 lectures held on 5 consecutive weeks costs only $45.  

If you are interested in receiving course outlines, information and enrolment details please complete an 'Expression of Interest' by clicking on 'CONTACT US'.

You don't need to be a paid-up member to be receiving emails from us, but you must have paid the $10 per Semester (or $20 for the year in the Rockingham Branch) to be eligible to enrol for courses, lectures and M.A.L.A. activities.  If you have paid your membership fee, that allows you to enrol in a course at any branch!

A T-Rex running towards cacti

Paracetamol became the most widely used painkiller in the world after the addictive pain-killer, phenacetin, was withdrawn from sale in 1977 because it was a potent cause of kidney failure.

In the 1950’s APC Powders (and later tablets) were very popular indeed. In Australia they were known as Bex, Vincents or Veganin and contained Aspirin, Phenacetin and as much Caffeine as 3 cups of coffee! Their popularity spawned the Aussie saying “a cup of tea, a Bex and a Good Lie Down” referring to the favoured remedy for pretty much anything, but particularly the stresses sustained by so many housewives in the post-war Depression years.

In the USA Paracetamol is known as Acetaminophen (common brand name is Tylenol) and an interesting research finding is that Paracetamol not only dulls the sensation of pain, but it also dulls a person’s empathy towards the suffering of others!

Currently the TGA is exploring whether further restrictions on over-the-counter sales of Paracetamol are required due to the alarming incidence of intentional (and frequently impulsive) overdoses by teenagers and young adults resulting in severe liver injury or death.


Perth, Peel & Rockingham


M.A.L.A. is an incorporated entity under the WA Associations Incorporation Act (2015). If you would like to consult the approved Constitution (a somewhat lengthy document) or download it, please click this button.



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